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Linda Watanabe McFerrin
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Dead Love

"This novel about a live dead girl combines an international chase, the suspense of a thriller, a soupcon of sensuality, some wonderfully lyrical episodes, and a set of brand new rules for ghouls. It is as delectable and dangerous as a plate of Fugu. I read it in a single sitting. "

Tim Cahill, Pass the Butterworms, Hold the Enlightenment, and Jaguars Ripped My Flesh

Namako: Sea Cucumber

Elegantly written, Namako: Sea Cucumber captures with startling accuracy the wisdom and confusion of a young girl growing up in two vastly different cultures.

..." a joy, each word perfectly accurate, yet not at all abstract or remote, but relaxed enough to deal with a house full of rough- and-tumble children."

-- Tom Williams, ForeWord

the Hand of BuddhaThe Hand of Buddha

"McFerrin is adept at describing the concerns of women of various ethnic backgrounds, from different geographic regions of America, and showing that despite race, country of origin, or physical location, some feelings and difficulties are universal. The stories, written with an either puckish charm or airy elegance, depending on the subject matter, are simply just well-told."

-- Elizabeth Millard, Foreword


The Best Places in Northern California


"In-the-know locals offer thorough info on restaurants, lodgings, and the sights."

– National Geographic Traveler

"Best Places Northern California is great fun to read even if you're not going anywhere."

– San Francisco Chronicle



The Impossibility of Redemption... The Impossibility of Redemption is Something We Hadn't Figured On


Great poetry --

"the true encounter between language and vision, between wonder and exploration ..."

-- Ray Gonzalez, Bloomsbury Review


HotFlashes Hot Flashes


Spicy, saucy, and sensual flash fiction and poetry guaranteed to raise your temperature in a way that is positively hormonal.


Hot Flashes2 Hot Flashes 2


Once again, Left Coast Writers editors Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Laurie McAndish King invite you to join them on a scintillating tour through the steamy landscape of love.

Venturing in Italy: Travels in Puglia, Land Between Two Seas

" Venturing in Italy is as romantic and entertaining as it is informative. A great read for Italophiles and armchair travelers alike.”

—Alison Biggar, editor, San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

Venturing in Southern Greece: The Vatika Odysseys

This anthology explores aspects of life in the region from award-winning wineries to hiking trails, from household olive groves to ancient ruins. The writers plunge into Greek village life with abandon, learning to sing Greek folksongs and to dance to the bazouki.

Venturing in Ireland: Quest for the Modern Celtic Soul

"These writers have wonderful stories to tell. I am proud they chose my homeland for their unique gathering and even prouder that the resulting book demonstrates the power of place in inspiring imaginations and nurturing creative souls. "

Maureen Wheeler, Lonely Planet Publications

Floating Through France: Live Between the Locks on the Canal du Midi

"Live Between the Locks on the Canal du Midi: "Floating through France is a feast for the senses, a peaceful break from the complexities of the world. "

Arlene Blum, author of Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life


Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel

  "The nature of the observations involved and the quality of the writing make
this the most distinctive and appealing travel anthology of the year. "

– Tim Cahill

Travelers' Tales
San Francisco


"A revolutionary new style of travel guidebooks...."

New York Times News Service


Wild Places

  A compelling collection of 20 outdoor and adventure stories written by 10 top writers.

In Search of AdventureIn Search of Adventure


An epic collection of 100 traveler's tales.

"A mad gambol over the wild world with a gang of vociferous globetrotters ... this collection of travel tales doesn't just push the envelope, it shreds it."

-- Bookings, San Francisco Examiner


American FictionAmerican Fiction


This is the ninth volume in the American Fiction series, an annual anthology that searches out the best stories by emerging writers.

"To read the opening sentences of these stories is to be drawn irresistibly into their worlds."

-- Joyce Carol Oates


I should have stayed home I Should Have Stayed Home

In this hilarious anthology 51 top travel writers, novelists and journalists tell of their greatest travel disasters.

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