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Linda Watanabe McFerrin
Linda Watanabe McFerrin Vita/Bio

Poet, travel writer, novelist and teacher Linda Watanabe McFerrin is a contributor to numerous journals, newspapers, magazines, anthologies and online publications including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, Modern Bride, Travelers' Tales, Salon.com, Mia Magazine, and Bay Nature.

She is the author of two poetry collections, past editor of a popular Northern California guidebook and a winner of the Nimrod International Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction. Her novel, Namako: Sea Cucumber, was named Best Book for the Teen-Age by the New York Public Library. In addition to authoring an award-winning short story collection, The Hand of Buddha, she has co-edited several anthologies, including the Hot Flashes: sexy little stories & poems series. Her newest book is Dead Love, a novel about Japan and zombies (Stone Bridge Press, 2010).

Linda holds an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature and a Master of Arts degree in creative writing. A popular panelist, lecturer and workshop leader, she has been a Mentor for the Loft Literary Series, a guest instructor at the Oklahoma Institute for the Arts and a judge of the San Francisco Literary Competition and the Kiriyama Prize. A past NEA Panelist and juror for the Marin Literary Arts Council, she has mentored a long list of accomplished authors toward publication. When she is not on the road, she directs art, consults on communications and product development and teaches Creative Writing.

Curriculum Vitae
Education and Degrees: San Francisco State University - B. A.
English, Comparative Literature
San Francisco State University - M. A.
English, Creative Writing
Professional Career:
1981-1983 Associate Director, Moss Gallery, San Francisco
1984-1991 Product Manager, Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco
1991 Merchandising/Communications 
Present Consultant/Writer/Creative Writing Instructor
Fields of Specialization: Comparative Literature, Modern Japanese Novel, Fiction,
Creative Non-Fiction, Erotica
Languages: Spanish, French

Literary Journals

Poetry and Prose:

 1. Berkeley Poetry Review, 1985-1986, pp. 84-85
Berkeley Poets Cooperative, Spring 1986, pp. 32-35
Berkeley Poetry Review, Fall 1986, p. 20
Berkeley Poets Cooperative, Fall 1986, pp. 63-65
Transfer, Fall 1987, pp. 43-44
The Cape Rock, Fall 1988, p. 34
South Coast Poetry Journal, Spring 1988, pp. 24-25
California Quarterly, Spring 1988, p. 16
Transfer, Spring 1988, pp. 97-98
Nebraska Review, Fall/Winter 1988/89, pp. 41-44
Folio, Winter 1988-89, pp. 9-11
Berkeley Poets Cooperative, Winter 1988
Folio, Spring 1989, pp. 59-64
Camellia, Summer 1989
Psychopoetica, Hull, England, Summer 1989, p. 21
Beyond#15, 1989, p. 47
Camellia, Fall 1989
El Gato Tuerto, Summer 1989, p. 5
Poetry Kanto, Japan, Winter 1989
Psychopoetica, Winter 1989, p. 16
Sonoma Mandala, Fall/Spring 1989/90, p. 36
Camellia, Spring 1990
The Bellingham Review, Spring 1990, p. 50
Grasslands Review, Spring 1990, pp. 49-50
Japanophile, Spring 1990, pp. 25-28
University of Windsor Review, 1990, pp. 28-29
Camellia, Summer 1990
Tonantzin, October 1990, p. 29
Calliope, Winter 1990, pp. 24-26
Minotaur#20, 1990, p. 11
The Alchemist, Quebec, Canada, 1990, pp. 6-7
Prism, Vancouver, B.C., Fall 1990, pp. 18-19
Santa Clara Review, Winter 1990, p. 20
Santa Clara Review, Winter 1991, p. 72
Southern Poetry Review, Spring 1992
Salmon, Winter 1992
Phoebe, Winter 1992
Zebra, 1993
Talking Raven, Spring 1994
convolvulus, Spring 1994, Summer 1994
510, Winter 1994
Santa Clara Review, Summer 1995
Poet, Winter 1995
Northwoods Journal, Winter 1995
Dan River Anthology, Spring 1996
Poet, Summer 1996
Southern Poetry Review, Winter 1996
Nimrod, Winter 1996
Camellia, Spring 1997
Forum, 1996
Atlanta Review, Fall 1997
Nimrod, Winter 1997, Spring 1998
Sierra Songs and Descants, Winter 2002

B. Newspapers/ Magazines

1. San Francisco Examiner - "A Garden Pilgrimage,"
"Angels Camp: Old Gold and Jumping Frogs," "Antwerp/Antwerp Diamonds," "Bird watching trip to the Farallones," "Carnevale of Souls," "Christmas in Death Valley," "Converging in Sedona," "Everglades Exploration," "Exploring England’s Ghostly Haunts," "Fiddling around Ireland," "Georgia B’al," "Georgian Odyssey," “Going Bananas @ the Berkeley Bowl," "Great British Haunts," “Images of Japan/ Shinto Past,” “In Tokyo, Finding the Kami Way,” “Into the Okefenokee,” “Inverness,” “Low Country B’al,” “Lunatic Express,” “Margaritaville,” “New Orleans Notebook: Embracing Fat Tuesday,” “Ode to Officiants,” “Pipe Dreaming in Amsterdam,” “Rock Shopping,” “Running the Lion City Hash,” “Treasures of the Getty Museum”

Also: “Bookings,” monthly column/travel book review

2. San Francisco Examiner Magazine - -"A Modern Proposal,”
“Baa Baa Black Sheep,” “Carnevale of Souls,” “Fiddlin’ Around in Ireland,” “Lizards and Spiders and Snakes, Oh My,” “Loving Liberace,” “Nashville Cats: Cruisin’ the Opry,” “Ode to Officiants,” “Road of the Maya,” “Running the Lion City Hash”

3. Akron Beacon Journal - "A Rare Bit of Wales," “Lost Road
of the Maya,” “San Francisco Area Has Small Town
Intimacy,” “Sweden’s Isles of Summer,” “Wales Amazes
The Traveler”

4. Approach - “Bullish on Moose’s,” “Finding the Right Path,” “Magic of Maps,” “ San Francisco’s Hill of Beans,” “Small Wonder,” “ Travel Advisor”

5. Arizona Daily Star - “Nashville”

6. Arkansas Democrat Gazette - “Aboard the Lunatic Express”

7. Atlanta Journal Constitution - "Lost in the Okefenokee"

8. Bay Nature - “Loving Lake Merrit”

9. Bear Essentials - “Sound Bites,”

10. Book Passage: News and Reviews - "A Rare Bit of Wales," "Enhancing the Earth: Reflections on a Travel Writer’s Responsibilities,” “Reading, Romance”

11. Buffalo News - "Aboard the Lunatic Express,” “Perspective

12. CA Shakespeare Festival - “On the Road Again,” “Getting into the Act: Dick Butterfield”

13. EcoTraveler - "The Road to Lapa Rios," "Quetzal Quest," "Island Hopping," “Jungle Rhapsody”

14. Frontier Magazine - “Orlando,” “Room of One’s Own,”
“Worlds of Vegas”

15. Maiden Voyages - “Laura Evans Incredible Journey”

16. Meridian - “Swept Away,” “In Pogo Country”

17. Modern Bride - "Pacific Mexico," “Lake Tahoe”

18. National Airlines Flyer - “Face to Face”

19. New Orleans Times-Picayune - "Costa Rica," "Okefenokee Swamp"

20. NewsWatch - "Learning Cantonese," "Moving Monuments"

21. NY Post - “Breezing into Bintan,” “Grand Ole Opry”

22. Passionfruit - “Finding the Kami Way”

23. Pittsburg Post-Gazette - “Dublin or Nothing”

24. Poet - “Winter”

25. Point Reyes Light - “Rivers at the Threshold”

Rocky Mountain News - “Things that go Bump in the Night in Britain,” “Seductive Golden Isles”

Romantic Traveling - “Holland’s Golden Circle”

Salt Lake City Tribune - “Aboard the Lunatic Express,” “San Francisco from Ritzy to Crusty,” “Amsterdam,” “Lost Road of the Maya,” “Perspective on Paradise”

Seattle Times- “Aboard the Lunatic Express”

SF Bride - “Feast on Fusion,” “Out of Towners,”

St. Petersburg Times - “Praising Arizona,” “Lunatic Express”

The Times (Florida) - “Lunatic Express,”

Washington Post - “Antwerp’s Diamonds,” “Singapore’s Wet Market”

Westways - “Playing with Words”

Wildlife Tours/Women.com - “Celebrate Nature”

510 East Bay Arts & Culture - “Colossi”

Online Publications:

1. Salon Magazine - "Giving Good Gnocchi"

2. Women.com - "Millennium Travel," "Mother's Day Book Reviews"

Nonfiction Anthologies:

1. The Impossibility of Redemption is Something We Hadn't Figured On, Berkeley Poets Workshop & Press, 1990

2. I Should Have Stayed Home, "Libidinous Fins," Book Passage Press, 1994

3. Travelers' Tales San Francisco, "Gulf of the Farallones,” 1996
A Woman’s Path, “The Masseur,” 2000
Southwest, “The Lure of Hoodoos,” 2001
Her Fork in the Road, “On Pleasures Oral,” 2001
Tuscany, “The Face of Love,” 2002

4. Wild Places, "Adrift in Gator Land," "The Lure of Hoodoos," Foghorn Press, 19966

5. American Fiction, "Coyote Comes Calling," New Rivers Press, 1997

6. In Search of Adventure, "Strangers," ccc Publishing, 1999

7. Namako (Sea Cucumbers), Coffee House Press, 1998

8. The Hand of Buddha, Coffee House Press, 2000

9. Best Places Northern California, Sasquatch Books, 2001

10. Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel, Globe Pequot Press, 2002

Current Projects: 1. Untitled, novel
The Pure Land, poetry
Untitled, non-fiction travel story collection
Keroi Onna, modern Kabuki-style play
Professional and Community Activities:

Editor, Berkeley Poets Cooperative Magazine 1986-1989; Wild Writing Women, Stories of World Travel, 2000Poetry and Prose Readings at: U.C. Berkeley, Burlingame Library, S.F. State University, University of Tulsa, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Arts Institute, Japan Society and Consulate of Japan and independent booksellers throughout the Workshop Leader and Panel Participant: Book Passage Travel Writers’ Conference 1995-2002
Sojourner's Stories Panel, San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival, 1997; Multicultural Panel, ABA, 1998;
Multicultural Panal, San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival 1998; "The Place that Lures Us," University of Tulsa, 1998; Fiction Workshop, Oklahoma Arts Institutes, 1998; Prison
Arts Project: William James Association; Book Passage 1998-2002; Presho House Workshops 1998-2002, Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference, 1999; S.F.S.U. Poetry Series, 1999,Writing Salon 2000-2002, Writer’s Center of Marin 2000-2002; Travel Writing, Oklahoma Arts Institute, 2001
Television/radio interview: Foreign Journalist, Amsterdam,1997; NPR: Capitola, CA; Chicago, IL; Boulder, CO; Inverness, CA; Berkeley, CA; KQED: San Francisco, CA;
NEA Literary Arts Panel, 2001-2002;
Judge: San Francisco Literary Awards, 2001-2003 (Joseph Henry Jackson, John Phelan, Mary Tannenbaum)

Honors and Awards:

Bank of America Award for Foreign Languages, 1981
Pushcart Prize Nomination, 1990
First Place: Travel Writer's Award, Book Passage Annual Travel Writers' Conference, 1992.
Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction, 1997; WIN/WIN Persie Writing Competition, 1996;
Stoneflower Literary Journal, 1996;
Iva Mary Williams Inspirational Poetry Award, Poet, 1996.
NYC Library List Best Books for the Teenage (
Namako: Sea Cucumber), 1999
Second Place: Foreward Magazine Best Short Story Collection (
The Hand of Buddha) 2001
Honorable Mentions: John David Johnson Memorial Poetry
Award and Iva Williams Poetry Award,
Poet,1995, 1996;
Short Story Award,
Writer's Digest, 1995;
Nimrod/Hardman Awards, 1996; Meditations, 1996; Explorations, 1996; Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, 1996
Finalist: Guy Owen Poetry Prize, 1991;
Chester H. Jones National Poetry Competition, 1991;
The Soul Making Literary Prize, 1996;
American Fiction Competition,1996;
Atlanta Review, 1997
Semi-finalist: Bluestem Award, 1990
Nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, 2000;
Work presented at New Short Fiction Series; Lankersham Arts Center; 2001

Travel: Raised in the US, England and Japan; traveled extensively in Western Europe, Central America, Asia and Africa.
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